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Go To Your Happy Place

Over the 20 years Sea Heritage has been in business, we've come to appreciate the ebb and flow of seasons. and appreciate what each brings. Here in New England, one could argue the year starts when summer ends, and fall heralds the winding down of another calendar year. The kids return to school, people begin to bust out their flannel, pumpkin spice overtakes everything, and fires pop up in pits and fireplaces. The holidays whiz by in an ever-accelerating blur and the void of late February begins to thaw with longer days and dots of color.

Cape Cod Bay, 1933

We've noticed that with each of these seasons, the Sea Heritage community has rituals of its own: doses of warmth [not to mention cocktail(s)] on sandy beaches to disrupt winter's chill, celebrations of mothers, fathers, and graduates as spring blossoms into summer, vacations on various stretches of coast throughout the summer and into Labor Day, the wedding season, which straddles both spring and summer, and the inevitable shock of holiday shopping that somehow ambushes us every year, right after the tryptophan coma has worn off.

We've been privileged to offer our collection of antique maps and charts as unique gifts to our community and help mark the significance of not only these moments in time, but of places that mark themselves in our heads and hearts, either as dream destinations or magical memories.

In these hectic times, we at Sea Heritage hope you'll join us by going to your mental happy places and letting warm memories guide you through our collective fog.

At Sea Heritage, a few of our places include:

Bermuda. A favorite destination of extended family trips, anniversaries, and one that will always hold a special place in our hearts,

Caribbean, 1600s

Charleston, South Carolina. The queen mother of all road trips started in Connecticut and included an overnight in Georgetown, a drive through Savannah and along the Georgia coast, a few days on Kiawah Island—featuring a closeup with a pod of dolphins and a close encounter with an alligator the size of a pickup truck—before finishing in Charleston,

Christmas Cove, Maine. Taking a small motorboat, one that barely held three of us, out into the middle of a perfectly calm harbor at night, under a canopy of more stars than we'd ever seen before and above the luminescent green churn of algae, left in our wake.

Casco Bay, Maine, 1870

So please: tell us about your "happy places!" We'd love to hear about what stretch of shore means the most to you and why. When things calm down, we'll pick a few of our favorites, share them here on The Seaway, and gift the authors their choice of chart. Hopefully, we can all come together and enjoy a collection of reminders that it's important to always look forward, perhaps now more than ever.

Cheers and stay safe,

Sea Heritage

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